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Brief About Abaya

An Abaya is a long loosely fitted flowing robe that is worn over everyday clothes. It goes down to the feet and has long sleeves so the body is fully covered. In fact, it is now a common sight in many other countries where women find it convenient and the best way to cover their bodies, leaving just their faces, hands and feet exposed.
Most of the time an Abaya is black, but over the years, its demand in different colour has increased. Green Abaya, Red Abaya, Maroon Abaya, Bottle Green Abaya have become popular these days. In India Most Common Categories which are liked by Women are Kaftans, Irani Kaftan, Designer Abaya, Dubai Style Abaya, Saudi Style Abaya Arabian Style Abaya, Front Open Abaya, Embroidered Abaya, Umbrella Abaya, Formal Abaya, Casual Abaya, Irani Kaftan.

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About Hijabs

Hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women. It is a kind of scarf covering the head and can be extended to the upper parts of the body. The covering needs to adhere to the Islamic standards of modesty. For centuries, many women have been depicting it as a symbol of social status also mainly to show cultural identity rather than an Islamic practice.

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